Sunday, 13 December 2009

Last character almost in

Well I have added the graphics that Emm has sent me now all I need to do is add the code so that they appear in the game engine so the players can see them :). This has been started so that the entire game will be almost completed, the game itself needs some small tweaks with the paddle control and collision system then it will be almost completed, I have code to do that but I have to re-implement it back into the game.

The credit sequence on the title has been completed too so now its got a nice fade effect :). This was decided as Graveyard Dogs is not 100% official yet but the games we make will be there and it will be re-released under Graveyard Dogs when its official :).

I have been busy ripping out the UIImageViews and now only two remain once these are 'fixed' then there will be nothing left in the game so that it will be 100% code based and this will mean I can do anything in the game with any of the images etc. I already have created my own personal animation system that bypasses Apple's own as that doesnt 100% work all the time my new system works perfectly without problems.

We have also another game in the pipeline that is coming along nicely what we intend is to release a clutch of games as and when they are completed this will mean there maybe LOADS of games released in one year or there may be a few. We have LOADS of ideas for games that we want to create and Emm's graphics style lends loads to our games and makes them look the polished products that they are (I draw like a gorilla with a nervous twitch LOL but Emm's images are amazing) :).

More soon...

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