Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Lean mean and coding green...

Well I have completely rewritten sections of the spectator code for our game now I dont have to fluff around with loads of image views labeled SpectatorOne ... SpectatorTen I have the imageview contained in the structure, this basically means that if I want to get rid of it or create another one I just add one to the structure and its there :).

I have also added three other characters to the game engine these are converted from the game characters into a new coding style that we found out between us (me and Emme) the main reason for the conversion is that it now uses up waay less on the ram resource front (this is a big issue on the iPhone/iPod as it only has 128Mb of ram). Once all this is changed the whole thing should be a lean mean green code machine :). I will say coding for a system that has limited resources is a nice challenge sometime infuriating but ultimately rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone. Anyone who knows C/C++ should easily be able to pickup ObjC and the iPhone SDK with ease and its a nice thing to code in as well :)

That being said once this game is release we will be looking at our engine/framework options and choose one that best suits our requirements for all future games we wish to create, after all its not a good idea to reinvent the wheel every game you write.

More soon...

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