Sunday, 17 January 2010

Deadlines pffff....

Well as the deadline looms we are deciding how to go about the serving system for the game, we could go with a serving thing in the center that serves it randomly across the board (like Speedball :) ), or we could keep it as it is now and have the basic tennis volley system. Personally I love the idea of the randomness of the launcher as it adds a wildcard element to the game.

On the coding front I have almost completed the main menu system for the game now, just have to add the start new game and continue game buttons back in, the reason for it is the entire main menu system has changed and is no longer recognisable as the simple thing it was. This change happened only yesterday (yes 7 days before deadline :s ) it does look nice tho.

Deadlines do have one thing going for them they make you look at the game and see everything you want to change but cant because:
a) you dont have time
b) feature creep

Now a is simple you can whack that in as an update and resubmit to Apple so people who bought it can get it as an update. B is a completely different kettle of fish, feature creep will kill even the most hardened game and is best avoided if possible. Personally I keep a todo list of things that need work so that I only do what is required to get the game released and not go 'oh but it would look nice with this in it' once you go down that road its a long and lonely one. For those that dont believe me look at 'Duke Nukem Forever' the game that killed 3d realms :s, feature creep killed that if they stuck with the 2001 Unreal demo code and make a game with that we would be expecting 'Duke Nukem Forever 4 by now' :s

Well im off to add the buttons...

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