Friday, 15 January 2010


Well as the deadline looms closer and closer things are getting hectic here, I have worked out that ObjC doesnt like do..while loops which is a major bummer as the ending sequence was going to be in one so I have to do some MAJOR restructuring of the code and at this late stage (a week to go) its a headache.

On the plus side of all this I have added new gamestates to cater for all the adjustments so when something is required it switches to that gamestate and continues.

Well things seem to be going well I have added a function that gives me the next frame in the trophy animation that will enable me to give a nice ending sequence with the nice images that Emm has designed for us :). I have also been fleshing out the ending sequence code and planning how everything is going to go.

The thing about OSX and iPhone programming is simple your game is running through from the NSTimer call so if you set it to gameLoop it will run through the entire function every cycle no matter if you do a do...while loop so if its called loads of times then thats a LOT of loops and problems, the best way to get around this one is simply add gamestates to your games so if the player is in the main menu just flag the gamestate to something like playerInMainMenu or something like that providing you #define playerInMainMenu to something for checking...

Well the endings are in there so now all I have to do is play the game to death, also code the main menu system (rather snazzy looking hanger) and the new options screen :). On the whole the entire game shouldnt take too long to complete and once done I will be able to relax a bit before taking up tools again for the next game in the list :)

I have also located and fixed another 'nasty' bug with the game, that causes a crash on the device. This has also been fixed so the game now works as required.

more soon...

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