Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fixed it at last...

Well I have been looking at bug squashing and refining the game today this basically means that I have to go through the code and locate what is causing a problem and then work around it so that the game works perfectly (a good thing for iPhone games). Whilst doing this I have located an annoying bug that was in the game and I have fixed it (its amazing how many bugs creep in when you are tired) I have managed to fix that one :).

On the other hand a bug that appeared lately was due to a cheat effect for one of the characters this looks ok in game but the effect kills the game completely (not a good thing), I have located and fixed this one too.

I would implore any programmer that said their game or application worked first time they coded it perfectly without any tweaking, everything you code needs some fixing somewhere or adjustment this game has gone through 2d stages of a game then to 3d perspective when it was finalised and once that was in it chucked up a whole big can of worms that caused no end of problems for me to fix (luckily for us im a perfectionist so fixing them is top of my list).

I still remember the 'grenade incident' that my brother found in another game I sold years ago, if you primed a grenade and moved you get to move anywhere in that game through people, obstacles everything. It was a pain to find and fix but I did it and the game is rock solid :). I get emails about it every so often because the AI opponent is so difficult :).

More soon...

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