Monday, 4 January 2010

More progress...

Well things are going well I have got the graphic for the Continue game section completed.

I have also created some functions that will be useful for all our future projects one simple one is setupApplicationPath this will setup all the paths so that I can save and access data from the game at any time. I have also reinstated EdzUpFileSystem.h this is one of my code archives basically its a system that has some functions that can be useful to the game system one is getFileSize which gets the file size of any file you want, another is setupEdzUpFileSystem this is a function that creates an empty file the reason for the function is simply some file systems create a file of zero bytes other create a file with a one byte terminating character this one sets up the variable minimumFileSize to the minimum file size for checking. For everyones information the function was created in September 1997 so its VERY OLD :s. Some functions that dont apply have been removed and will be added as required.

For all those wondering I have been coding since 1981 (yeah that long) its in me blood ROFL.

I have also added a deleteFile function to remove data from a specific file this in iPhone games is the games Documents directory :). Other functions added are fileExistsOfSize this returns TRUE or FALSE if a file exists of a specific name and size.

To compensate for all the new changes to the game engine I have adjusted the game menu system to change if there is save data available the menu is rescaled and adjusted so the continue option can be added below the Start Game button. For the player if they want to they can start a new game this will delete the old save data and then start the game so that the new data will be stored when the player quits or whatever happens, its always good to cover ALL the loose ends especially with a game destined for the iPhone or iPod as being a console like environment you dont want your game to kill the OS on the hardware but to cover all the bases if you can.

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