Sunday, 3 January 2010

One step nearer...

Well now I am almost complete on the save and restore state part of the game we can then have a fully working pick up and put down game hell you could play it for one point or even just hit the puck and it will still restore it to a playable state.

Once we have all this done in the game its another thing that Apple cannot kick it back for as it will be required to make the game decently playable on the system. After I have completed this section I will get back to writing the slime code and then I see whats next on me list to get the game more 'feature' complete.

I have added Bluey's crowd in and that looks amazing there are a few things still to work on and some more graphics that are required (mainly buttons) but the whole game is coming together nicely. Hopefully it will be released end of January or mid February.

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