Saturday, 2 January 2010

A new year a fresh approach...

Well after a restful xmas period I have return to coding with loads more information than I had last year, I now understand that ALL iPhone apps must catch the applicationWillTerminate call and store stuff somewhere unless its a quick play game which doesnt save anything. There seems to be a reason for this on the iPhone if you get a phone call come through whilst your game is up it will get the terminate call and be well (in best Arnie voice) 'Terminated'. When it comes through you have around 4.8seconds to store EVERYTHING you need to before its killed luckily with our game atm there isnt a lot to store so that should be done well within that timeframe.

I have already coded the terminate function and got some code to hook it onto the terminate function, all I have to do now is the loader when we continue the game (im all for a continue option on the main menu :) ). Once the loader is done too I will be able to quit the game with the home button and resume when I want to, this sits nicely with the game in hand and makes for an amazing experience for all gaming stuffs :). Now I have the code I can add it to ALL future Graveyard Dogs games too.

On the Xmas front I got two loverly rings from my girls and a cup with 'Top Dad' on it :), I also got some loverly present from me other step kids too and me missus who bought me 'Terminator 4 collectors edition' amongst other things (how did she know ;) ). Here to 2010 and hope you all had a loverly xmas and new year as well.

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