Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Things are going perfectly :)

Well things are going very nicely here, I have added the music to the high score table and the ending sequence that was required and they are pretty sweet too :). I have also got around to speeding up the title sequence a bit so there isnt such a lag when the game starts, on top of all this I have fixed the sound problem I was having with some sounds not playing some times this was just a simple buffer error and changing from a UInt32 to a UInt64 seems to have fixed the problem (basically doubling the buffer :) ).

Im now wading through the options menu and this is shaping up nicely once thats complete all thats left will be the sound system for the characters (easy to do) and then mass testing before the release date.

I have been reading 'Masters Of Doom' by David Kushner (a gracious thanks goes to Emm for sending me this book by suprise mail, I didnt know he done it till it arrived). To say the least the book is stuck to me hand and I cant put it down till I finish it (I will probably re-read it after that). I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start out in the coding scene as its a very inspiring read :)

More soon...

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