Thursday, 28 January 2010

Were getting there ...

Well things are going very well once again and 'once again' the game is nearing completion (as long as Emm doesnt find any more bugs ;) ). Today I have fixed loads of things namely:
1) Added the victory animation, this is played when a character gets three points in a row. They do a little jig or taunt then the game continues :).
2) A oversight on my part was Aetherios's cheat effect carrying over to the next character this has also been fixed.
3) Serving issue, BIG problem this one I had to work out what it was and once I located it and fixed it this one was a major issue thats now sorted.
4) Sluggoid spitting, he was spitting wildly now he spits at the player :)
5) Opponent serving with obstacles on the table, now they will serve to the side of obstacles making them more 'intelligent' and not acting like a doofus and keep hitting the obstacle.
6) Fixed major crash on the change at the end of Aetherios's stage.
7) Fixed animation timing so its working as required now.
8) Changed credit screen and hiscore screen now they no longer have buttons on. This was also an oversight as you clicked highscore and it went back to the menu now there is a small delay that makes it easier on everyone.

As you can see things are moving still and getting the game completed is our top priority and once this one is out there then we can work on our next great project. Yes this will be yet another 'top secret project' :).

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