Monday, 1 February 2010

I m so excited...

...and I just can't hide it !
Submission of our first game is only a few hours away...I really wanna thank Ed for his extraordinary commitment, I know its been quite a task to get this thing going, with all the obstacles to overcome, but he never stopped and never complained, he saw the problem, he analysed it, and he solved it, in true "veni, vidi, vici" style.
I just pushed some pixels, but Ed turned them into a living, breathing creature :)
Stay tuned, today is the day !

Well its an exciting time, my fifth game release :). Space Combat:WarZone released by Idigicon was my last one. I also got some other small games published, Wizard wars on the Blitz3d cd and some other things back in the day of floppy disks.

I will say that without Emm the game would look like a rabid gorilla done the graphics so here to both of us. Emm's graphics and sound capabilities are amazing and I provide the glue to stick the images and sounds together :).

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