Sunday, 7 February 2010

Graveyard Dogs Engine 1

Well things are looking amazingly good at the moment, on a technical test (albeit in the simulator) we can have 1000 scaled and rotated sprites in the game at the same time. Ordinary unscaled and unrotated sprites we can have 2500 to 5000 which is good enough if we wanted to write say a Commander Keen style game.

I know 'GDEngine1' doesnt sound like a amazing name for an engine but its the first engine I have cobbled together for our fledging studio, the games we can create with this system will look amazing as the thousands of images are just being pasted from ONE image not loaded and created in imageviews like the old one. This means we can move forwards to create BIGGER better games that arent constrained by the limitations of the UIImageView system (that is really good for this like picture viewers or simple games but things like Commander Keen its a no-no).

More soon...

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