Saturday, 6 February 2010

Progress of 'the secret project' :)

Well here we go again ;)

I have finally detached the renderer from the main system and have adjusted the sprite draw system so its our own, added the rotations to the image drawing system so we can rotate and scale anything we wanted. This new system is 100% OpenGL ES compliant so it means that we should be able to handle MUCH more onscreen than in iSmashem.

Doing things like this makes ya feel like John Carmack in the beginning days of Id software when he was working on the engines for Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3d and DOOM, obviously we arent writing our own DOOM game engine yet but we are getting closer and closer to it :). No I dont plan on recreating DOOM just making games that we want to play after all if we dont enjoy the game then how can we expect others to :).

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