Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Well things are going amazingly well now, I have added the bonus score stars to the system and coded the backend generator so it will place them when required. The game itself is looking nice and I cant wait to release another one on the world :).

On the whole game front things are looking quite nice, with the new system created we could easily create a game like Fallout in the system with day and night cycles etc with the code we have now. What I want to do after we have done our 'list of games' is to take a stab at 3d its always been my dream to create a game like System Shock 2 a game that even though not graphically amazing by todays standards still draws people in because of its sheer horror and suspense. Apart from Doom's walking around a corner and meeting a Cyberdemon, System Shock's SHODAN has to be the most horrifying enemy to face.

I could create the game in languages like Blitz3d or BlitzMax but then I wouldnt know what was happening behind the scenes, what I want is to create the engine from the ground up so its Graveyard Dogs own engine :).

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