Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Even more done...

Well over the past couple of days I have been studying LOADS of things that relate to OpenGL and to me it does seem a pretty stable and good system to use, yeah as with everything there probably are still some cards out there with flaky drivers but you get that with anything.

I have also found time to add a freeTexture function to Tombstone and a clearTextureBuffer function too, these basically remove a specified texture from memory or clear out all textures from memory. What I have also been looking into is display lists these are OpenGL lists of commands that are executed when you want so instead of putting 500 commands for 50 ships to be flying around you put the ten opengl commands into a display list then call the list fifty times and you get the same results the only difference is simply a 66% speed increase :).

Yup you guessed it I love speed the faster engine the better :)

More soon...

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