Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"iSmashem Galactic" is "App of the day"

Great stuff, this will have our little game exposed to many more interested people.
Check it out HERE !

Ed: Well apart from the absolutely brilliant 'App of the day' which loads of people like the game it seems, yeah there are some out there that dont like it but you will get that with everything that is created. I know people that absolutely hate System Shock 2 etc you can never please everyone.

Over the past few days I have been coding loads of extra bits, one of the main situations is refining the Tombstone engine with what I am learning as I go. The main thing here is adjusting the system completely so once the system is complete it will be quite like Blitz3d from Blitz Research Ltd but it will be all our code under the hood and what I want in the end is total portability to ANY platform with as little adjustment as possible. Cross platform portability is better suited if you code the same command set for each platform so creating OpenGL initialisers per platform rather than universal code, yeah if you can universal code works but sometimes you may find you are losing milliseconds where you could refine it with some 'small under the hood adjustments' :).

This year will be something special for Graveyard Dogs, we have loads of things planned and when we get all the stuff done and out there it will be a year to remember :)

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