Sunday, 21 March 2010

Landing is almost there ...

Well over the last day I have been fixing some of the bugs in the game, one was the character going through the floor this is now even closer to getting fixed ;). What I will do is simply do a check to see if they have landed and if not then keep moving them until they do :). I have also fixed some rotation bugs in the system to that kept the player rotating when they shouldnt these little glitches are easily fixed and its good programming practice to get them early on rather than leave them and ending up with hundreds to fix.

For all those wondering, yes I code most days (hell I think in code ;) ) once I get an idea on how to do something I think the code to do a particular task once thats done I transfer code from what I think will work to the system and hopefully it does work. This may make it sound like im a computer but I assure ya im not LOL. Its easiest for me to think in code and work out things before hand rather than tweaking etc to get the thing completed. At least this way I have about two iterations of a particular situation to get things complete, yeah sometimes it does need tweaking but once its there its rock solid.

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