Friday, 5 March 2010

An upgrade...

No not to hardware that we are using but to the XCode base im using to write the whole project in, I have change the whole codebase to C++ instead of C. The bonuses for this are two fold, one I can use all the loverly commandset of C++ (and there are several examples of these and BIG books too (most I have already) ). Secondly I can use classes, this to some may not seem like a bonus (especially to the C diehards) but to me it simplifies a lot of the code stuff I have.

I have also reinstated the 'class system' for a random number generator that I got from a good programming book called 'Game Coding Complete', to be honest its the best part of it all the rest relates to things like DirectX which to be honest isnt my cup of tea at all im a OpenGL man.

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