Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Title screen preview

Hi dear readers (yes, both of You ;9 ), here is the preview for the title image for our brandnew game !
Next is line and colour...

Ed: Apart from Emm's amazing artwork programming side of everything is going well, I have finally relented and make the system keep the entire game arena in memory (im a stickler for this as it initially was in a small array twenty by ten but this wasnt practical for the game so I relented and went for the whole arena being in ram) sometimes its good to have a small section of the game arena in ram at any one time mainly due to memory constraints (and the iPhone is a BIG one for these with at maximum 23Mb most of the time we have 7Mb to play with).

I have managed to get the array into 16kb so its not an issue really just I come from the days of DOS where we only EVER had 640kb maximum to play with and on some machines we had 256Kb, hell before all this I coded on a ZX81 with 1Kb of ram :).

Back to a gaming front the whole thing is working properly now when a bonus is picked up its removed so going back for it wont allow the player to get it again, this wasnt possible with the first version of the array system hence the change. I have also added some loverly animations that Emm has sent me which compliment the game perfectly.

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