Sunday, 18 April 2010

What a beautiful feeling... test Your game on the real device.I just spent one hour playing our new game, and it is really good to see it is actually FUN to play.
Now with everything in place, its the same old different :)
We play and note whats good and whats bad.This does mean throwing out graphics I did, but that does not bother me at all, as I am not too attached to them.Its fun to make them, but they serve a purpose, and if they don't, well, we throw them out, no matter what.The gameplay is the most important factor.Now is the time to see what elements are fun.It also is very funny to see what objects will serve a different purpose from what they have been designed for :D
Thats the truly organic and fulfilling process, take all the stuff and use it like elements of a machine to design something "larger than the sum of its parts".
Of course we have different opinions sometimes on things, but as long as Ed has his BFG, he wins all the arguments (...slowly readies grenade launcher...)...

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