Monday, 19 April 2010

Back on track :)

Well after doing loads of other things the whole Graveyard Dogs experience is now full steam ahead, I am working on several different platforms all at once this is easier for me than it sounds. It has been said that I am not human for things I get through in one day as an example, today I built a wall, sorted the kids, cleaned up the house and put kids to bed and coded some on our games.

Our next game is coming together really nicely and as Emm said its looking really cool, this is also a BIG TEST for Tombstone as this is the first game to feature our whole new engine. This is no longer a heavily modified engine from the internet and books but is one of my own design based on the class system :). We are also working on other areas one of them will allow rapid deployment of other games that will make the future easier for us to continue everything and make it easier to get games to the masses quicker and easier than ever before.

Once Tombstone 3d is complete I will also be converting that over from iPhone to PC/Mac/and Linux :). Once this is complete we will have EVERYTHING to make anything for most platforms :)

On the Emm front I have bought a warehouse supply of Plasma so my trusty BFG is safe, grenades or rockets are no match ;) LOL

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