Saturday, 24 April 2010

getting there...

Well I have been working on loads of different front over the last week, the editor for one of our creations is coming together nicely once complete we will be able to rapidly create games of that type out of images and data :)

On another front I have been coding away at getting everything perfect for the next game to be released from us, this is getting there too and when that is completed we will be able to submit that to Apple for approval :)

Yet another front I am also adjusting another application that is due for release so once completed I can turn my attentions to the other two tasks at hand :)

One thing to note is never spread yourself too thinly otherwise things get forgotten or sidelined, for me I am doing all these tasks as well as loads of other things but nothing gets sidelined. Another major thing to think of is if you can simplify a task so much that its repeatable make code to do it and if its in a game at runtime then make an editor to generate the things required this will stop repetitive tasks getting you depressed or down as typing the same code over and over is boring and it can seriously make you loose focus. This point alone is why I am making the editor for a game we are working on after all who wants to code everything in data statements when simple files will do the task perfectly, also if they are compressed and encrypted then they should be perfectly safe from all but the most ardent hackers :)

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