Monday, 31 May 2010

Cross platform compatibility...

Well looking into the compiler issues when running Tombstone on another platform I have come up with the compiler directives situation. Basically this means that the compiler will run specific code dependent on the platform its compiled on this means it will make the engine compile on ANY platform required without recoding for each one and as its C++ (which is on almost any platform) it will mean that we can have a decent platform from which to launch out programs and applications :)

Things are getting exciting and once we have a running Windows demo we will release a basic test to see how it performs on everyones machine.

Well now the headers are done, ive got to do the initialising of the OpenGL platform as others dont have the view system that is in the Apple platform. Once this has been done with the new 'InitGL' function it will allow me to jump straight into OpenGL from one single Tombstone.startEngine call.

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