Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Things are getting interesting ...

Well I have done a basic demonstration app for Emm to peruse (really basic at the moment but as time progresses it will get MUCH more complex). Im now working on creating primatives for extra bits of the demonstration app, also to use in the engine to show off the 3d capabilities. Once these are in there I might even be persuaded to whack out some screen shots of the system in action.

Im glad that we are doing our own engine rather than the 'shop bought' ones that have already been created as I now know whats happening under the hood and any major problems I can fix immediately rather than wait for the next bi-annual patch before we can release our game. Yeah I know programming is 95% workarounds 5% inspiration but some things cannot be worked around, for example in DarkBasic Classic (it might have been fixed by now) it has a 16000 line limit after that the compiler throws a wobbler and chucks random errors. It was that error alone that halted Star Flight 2000's development as I didnt know what was my errors due to coding and what was the languages problems. Now we have the basics in for the 2d engine and the 3d is underway we can start on getting games out that use Tombstone another thing is I do plan on 'converting' iSmashem Galactic to Tombstone to so ALL our games come under the Tombstone engine and its awesomeness ;).

More soon...

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