Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Added some extras...

Well I have added texture changing to the mix and FreeTexture these basically mean I can change a texture at will on anything in the engine be it text, images, entities etc. FreeTexture explains itself really it means I can release a textures resources back to the system :).

As I add stuff I will post about it over the coming weeks this will shape up to a perfect engine that will allow Graveyard Dogs to create anything imaginable with ease :).

Well I have now started getting rid of and moving functions around so PasteSprite is not in the main section but in the Sprite section of the game engine, I have also moved other things around and have got rid of LOADS of things to make it more streamlined. Dont worry its not actually getting rid of any of the functionality of the system more a case of rewriting sections to make it more 'efficient' for instance now instead of having an 'internal' font for the engine held in Tombstone class its now in the main function and the font can be loaded into the game if required. All errors and stuff for the application are sent to the console via cout and should be sorted before releasing the app the wherever its sent to :).

More soon...

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