Wednesday, 23 June 2010

OS4 the changes...

Well on me iPod the change is negligible I now have folders, basically it means I can store loads of apps on one icon square and name it to something (not amazing really to be honest).

The reason for me updating is simple, we need to keep up with technology and changes to the SDK if I dont and write a game with 3.1.2 as I have been doing it might not work correctly on 4.0. So with this information in mind I am now on 4.0 SDK and I have been looking at the extra stuff thats in the SDK (this time I installed the OSX SDK too after all Tombstone will be on that too ;) ).

On the game front I have managed to fix one of the problems that I come across, this was an oversight on my part but there will be changes later to rectify this 'oversight' and make the system more streamlined. Just for now the system should work as 'expected' and testing it will tell me how well it does and what is happening.

More soon...

Well the new system is more efficient (yes im a stickler for efficiency) now when it releases a sprite it checks to see if its texture is used elsewhere and if its not then its released, there is a flag to stop the releasing of the texture to make the system work. Normally this is not set though as on 2d games you dont want to have loose textures in memory as its a waste.

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