Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Playing with magic :)

Well I have finally got around to playing with vertex colouring and alpha this has spawned two more commands that fit the engine perfectly these are:
VertexColour - this basically changes the colour of a particular vertex
VertexAlpha - this changes the alpha of a particular vertex making it become more transparent or solid :)

The upshot of this is simple, it will enable me to colour anything with a certain style or vertex lighting. One downside is at the moment it seems to be separate from OpenGL Lighting which has to be disabled to see the effects on the mesh. I am looking into the material commands to see if there is a work around to get the same effect without the lighting limitation.

I have added several surface properties to adjust the FX on separate surface this could be unlit, or some other special property that is required.

More soon...

True to me word I have sorted the commands that were miffed by the surface changes namely EntityColour and EntityAlpha. I have also got time to create a new commands EntityScale this will allow me to scale an entity to any x, y, z value. I am also going to look into lwo meshes so I can create a loader for it so we can move Tombstone out of the 'tech demo' place and into 'fully fledged' engine situation ;).

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