Sunday, 13 June 2010

Woohoo getting even further...

Well the entity system is getting there quite nicely now all things considered. I have also got around to adding the surface system to Tombstone this will mean that no matter what happens the system is getting there :).

I have also got around to removing some of the incompatibilities with GNU C++ over XCode one was the CFSTR references and some Apple specifics. Now it should compile better on GNU C++ across all platforms once its all in there I will be able to move ahead and get the initialisers for each platform complete then it will be quicker to test it on Windows and Linux :).

On the whole the iPhone version of the Tombstone engine is coming along in leaps and bounds but I am trying to keep all commands that im writing to the C++ specifics and im trying to NOT use Apple command set to get everything done so it will be more compatible when converting to other platforms. Once it all is done I will be able to compile on all platforms without need to recode everything.

More soon...

Ok I have also added some new functions and renamed some others, one is the FX functions to adjust the entity properties that will allow me to move on other areas like OpenGL Lighting (this is coming next and is a BIG update). Another one is how OpenGL relates to an entity and reacts to what it is and how its worked at.

Commands I have added are:
HideEntity - this will remove a entity from the render pass
ShowEntity - this will add an entity to render pass
SurfaceFX - adjust the properties of a given surface
EntityColour - renamed as this is the english spelling (cosmetic)

More soon...

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