Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Art is on its way... Ed, looking forward to what he can do with it.At this point we are testing overall layout, basic gameplay and sprite sizes, as well as general colour and mood.
I am pretty happy with the sharpness of our graphics (pixeled) on the small screen of the iPod.The crisp picture and the colours I chose make it very enjoyable to look at.
Looking forward to a first test of gameplay and overall handling (acceleration controls and tapping).
While Ed codes away, I continue creating more art and think of general design and gameplay ideas.
Ed is cool.I consider myself someone who knows quite many games from the last 20 years, but Ed always comes up with stuff even I didnt know, primarly on CPC and Spectrum :)
But on the other hand that shows that games rarely innovate.

Currently, working feels like back then.For our german speaking readers, its a bit like this making of Turrican 3 for Amiga describes.

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