Saturday, 31 July 2010


Well sometimes perfection takes longer than expected and so we have to either do one of the following:
1) Wait for the graphics to be created then add them to the mix when you get them to add them to the game engine and make the game look amazing.


2) Use placeholders to sit in the place of graphics so when they come through you can put them in the place of the graphics you have added as placeholders.

If your like me with no graphical ability at all then placeholders will not look as good as the finished Emm articles but I wanted to get on with the section of the game that I dont have the graphics for yet so I whipped up some placeholders. I know to some that option 1 would sound good but think that the graphics may take days or even weeks to come through and are you prepared to wait that long I know im not.

Placeholders are your friend they keep the project moving along and get the whole game working as it should so when everything is put together finally you can see the end result without worrying will it be ready in time.

Emm: Also, with placeholders, You can easily determine what You need and what You don't need, so its also saving me prescious time to focus on the required art instead of wasting hours for stuff we throw out.We gonna redo and throw out stuff anyway, but this way it reduces our expenses to a minimum.

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