Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bullets and keys....

Well I am currently implementing the last few player systems this will make most of the player stuff complete, and after that I can then get into getting everything else and then we can move onto getting the player being able to move through the levels and getting the game to completion.

The game as a whole will look amazing and does look very nice now and Emm's graphics make the game look perfect, the whole idea for the game is brilliant and I cant wait to release the game so that you all can play it on your iPods and iPhones.

After this game is out there I will be working on the next game in our list and also porting stuff of Tombstone to other platforms as time goes on the codebase I have for the system gets bigger and bigger and once that is all implemented and streamlined we will have a engine that can do anything other engines can do but for me with the added bonus of me being able to understand whats going on behind the scenes and being able to update and fix segments as required.

EDIT: Added some new commands to Tombstone too these are simple state changes that will enable me to do better 2d/3d integration and make the whole engine run smoother.

EDIT2: I am also starting the OpenAL sound system for Tombstone, this will load a sound file and then allow us to play it perfectly. The sound system with iPhone SDK is a good sound system but I want cross platform compatibility.

More soon...

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