Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sound, I hear sounds ...

Well I am still working on the OpenAL implementation to get the whole system completed but to work everything together nicely and keep the flow going of our productions I have converted iSmashem Galactics sound system to a new system for Tombstone cunningly called TAppleSound this will allow us to load sound, change its volume, change its loop count and free the sound. This old system is very basic BUT it works for most of the projects we have planned at the moment we are not creating something like Elite where sound will need to be 3d (you can fudge this by changing the volume though :) ).

Once we get the OpenAL system completed the old TAppleSound system will be deprecated and resigned to history and everything will become OpenAL, OpenGL etc.

This leads nicely onto the helpful tip of the day:
My tip is simple, dont hang onto old code in an engine if you can rewrite it to be more faster, leaner and run smoother. For me AVAudioPlayer is the first sound system I every used on the iPhone and it does what it supposed to do. I have however discovered that OpenAL is more feature complete so I am writing something for that. Once you get to the stage where you have the same functionality that your old system is capable of then its time to resign the old system to history and use the new system.

EDIT: Yes another edit :). This one is quite amusing (well it is for me anyways), well its basically I have added the functionality to load RAW texture format into OpenGL now too this is a good thing (why I hear you ask) well not to put a to fine point on it I can load the RAW data and 'run through and replace a certain colour in the image' this will make it so I can do 'colour cycling later on' :). Other image formats do allow the adjustment but its got LOADS of decoding at the time that can slow things down a bit, this idea is basically reading the whole image in pixel by pixel and then doing what I want with it before creating the new texture with the colour change. I will soon add the function to change the palette of the image to make it more easy for me to change colours of the image to anything I want imaging I could make eyes glow, rivers flow and loads of other weird and wonderful effects :).

More soon...

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