Monday, 23 August 2010

RAW formatting...

Well I have been looking at the RAW data format (not 'really' a data format more like a collection of pixel data), I can now 'replace' a colour in a image with another one meaning that the entire image could be recoloured. As long as I can load the raw data then I can change the colour :).

I have also been working on other commands that go with it, I can create a texture from a data segment now and use that in Tombstone. After use the data segment is still there so I can reuse it again and again so theoretically I can create fifty different coloured monsters from one single raw image. This method is how the old games used to get all the monsters and other things in the games, who remembers the golems in Bloodwych they were exactly the same just different colours. Tombstone now has this functionality and once I have tested it we should be able to do anything with it :).

Programming is a nice thing to get into its a logic puzzle working out how to get around a particular problem, my analogy of it is like a rock climber looking at a cliff face and working out how to get to the top. For me looking at a particular computer problem and working out how to translate that to code is me getting to the top of the rock face. Its a good feeling when it all works as it should do :). If your not one of the people who like logic and brainstorming then programming isnt for you, it can sometimes keep you up at night brainstorming about a particular problem until you manage to solve it.

More soon...

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