Saturday, 7 August 2010

Creation, the art of :)

Well I have located a small function that allows me to grab the openGL screen and store it in a UImage, this whole thing has been 'converted' to C++ and OpenGL for use in Tombstone. Being fluent in loads of different computer languages does help conversion between them for instance I regularly convert BlitzMax code ( an excellent product) to C++ and back, this has enabled me to work out and understand loads of things about how stuff works.

Back to the screen capture and store system well basically it will enable me to create dynamic textures that I can change them on the fly as required, for instance a player character looking at a security screen (like the ones in duke nukem 3d and Doom3) then the player is able to see themselves looking at the screen ala Doom3's security screen on one of the levels. This will all be possible on the fly, another section would be colour cycling being able to grab the texture from the render buffer will enable me to 'apply the colour change to the image' then grab it for use where ever and when ever I want. I could paste the texture as an image, change it, colour it, capture it then use it in 3d land. I could have a psychedelic level where the whole thing is colour cycling etc (not that I would want to the retina burn from that would be incredible but the possibility is there ;) ).

Once the testing is complete I will whack out some videos and shots of the whole thing in action, at the moment this is all on the iPhone but I intend on porting it with the rest of the engine to things like Windows, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu Linux. After all the porting is done and we have games everywhere made in Tombstone then who knows XBox 360 and PS3 might be on the cards too :)

More soon...

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