Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Monsters, monsters everywhere...

Well now I have started implementing the monsters into our game and its looking amazing, once they are fully in there we will have to complete feel to how the game will look. I have to add weapons and other things like player lives but these are secondary to monsters.

Adding enemies to a game is a very fine balance to many and it becomes to difficult and gets bogged down and the player doesnt get any enjoyment out of it, too little and the player will whizz through the game and not get any satisfaction from completing it. Everything is a fine balance and once that balance is hit then its a winner the game basically has to be tricky enough to allow the player to make 'some progress' so they see something new but not enough to make the level pointless. A perfect example of this is Spelunky its tricky but keeps you coming back for more (yes I play lots of Spelunky :) ).

We still have loads of projects on the go and this is one of them, once this one is out there with the masses it will be a major test as its the first game to use 'Tombstone' our internal OpenGL engine. Those of you that have been following this blog for ages will know that Tombstone will be cross-platform I can already get the initialisation on iPhone, Mac and Windows I just need to 'fill in the blanks' to bring it all upto speed and once thats done then we can move ever onwards.

More soon...

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