Thursday, 2 September 2010

Adding more :)

Well I have designed and added more placeholders into the game now, I just have to add the code so that everything works as it should once it does then we can move forwards getting the entire game moving forward.

After everything is completed I will be moving onto completing the entire level completion section so once everything is completed we will be able to advance through the levels to the game completion (when that has been decided), the game itself is coming together really nicely now and playing it is a dream :).

This will be Graveyard Dog's forth app that will be submitted to Apple AppStore either by us or others we have helped along the way :). Since starting programming iPhone games last september (2009) I have learned so much (all of this is thanks to Emm) and I feel much more confident about getting everything working as it should do which is how a programmer should feel. Emm has done more for Graveyard Dog's than he thinks if it wasnt for him I dont think we would have released a game yet and as we stand now we have apps out there and we have an engine on the go, yeah I have been feverously coding the games and engine but if it wasnt for Emm we wouldnt be where we are today. Programming is the glue behind the artist's pictures we both work together perfectly, if you look at it this way Emm makes the pieces of a mosaic and I provide the cement to put them on once everything is together we can stand back and see the whole picture. Once we have everything done its off to Apple :).

EDIT: Well now I have added the collection system for all the bonuses, once everything is in we are all go...

More soon...

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