Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Moving hell

For the past weeks, I had to leave it all on Ed, and as usual, he did an ace job without complaining, he's an awesome friend. We are almost done cleaning up the house and have yet to unpack our boxes.One hour ago I finally unpacked my working machine and the iMac, so I hope to be able to churn out graphics and sounds very soon, as Ed has almost done the game and I have yet to deliver all the fancy pixel art :) Shame on me !!!

Ed: Dont worry mate there is still a way to go on the game front BUT its getting there thats the best part. Once the game is nearing completion then we can churn out loads of things and get them into the game as required. You just take it easy matey and dont over do it :). I will hold the fort till ya ready :)

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