Monday, 30 August 2010

Getting there...

Well I have started to add other sections to the game engine sound is getting there until that is 100% complete and tested we still have the TAppleSound system. What I have looked into this week is coding a new TombstoneDemo app for Emm (sorry no major release at the moment), this basically shows Emm what we can do with the basics of the engine. I am have refined the TCamera class so now we can have unlimited cameras (not that you would want to LOL).

On the whole the entire engine is coming together so nicely that the only bits I have to work into is OpenAL (completing it), 3d mesh loaders (LWO, B3d) and other 3d stuff like Lighting etc.

All this once complete will be ported to Mac, Windows and Linux then we can demonstrate it :)

More soon...

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