Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back in the game

So to speak, Emm here, just sent over the first ingame enemy to Ed, looking forward to his reaction.Since its a human like character, I wanted to get its walk cycle animation down to 5 frames, I kinda like it so far.Got to think of a cool death animation for it.Pixel art is way cool, although its very demanding.I had to browse several sprite databases for references as I have to deal with the same limitations we had back on the Amiga or the SNES...

Ed:Ahh the Amiga, my favourite platform of all time. Still got a A1200 with WB3.0 that I code BlitzBasic 2.1 on from time to time (also C++ but thats another story). There is nothing wrong with pixel art as me and Emm will demonstrate with a series of decent quality games over the coming years, for me pixel art is a hark back to days when games were fun and didnt rely on the 'next big thing' to get the people in they relied on a good story and graphics that 'represented' as best as what the programmer and story writers were trying to say.

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