Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fixed it...

Well after much head scratching and examining I have reverted the loader to a previous build this means at the moment it loads from png files only, this isnt really a major problem as to me its the best image format around as it supports everything required for a decent engine.

On the up side it will also fit nicely with libPNG when porting to OSX, Win32 and Linux. For those not familiar with libPNG its basically a source distribution that allows us coders to load png images into anything and use them as textures etc. The main reason for using it is why reinvent the wheel when someone has done a damn fine job carving it out already. I will be adding the source build for libPNG to Tombstone over the coming days and with that all in place will make the whole engine MUCH more portable and allow me to start looking into getting stuff into the OSX, Win32 and Linux platforms.

Who knows there might be a public tech demo this side of xmas ;)

More soon...

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