Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cracked it, Again...

Well Emm had given me a particularly thorny problem that was difficult to pin down, but I managed to pin it down and fix the issue so everything is working perfectly again...

To give the fix idea for everyone else when using Apples iPod/iPhone accelerometer NEVER update your game logic (like player movements etc) WITHIN the accelerometer functions as this will cause jerky and unpredictable behavior ( its updated FAR more than your game will ever be) sooo its best to store the value from the accelerometer positions and then use that within your main loop to get smooth movement :).

As you can see from Emm's blog entries the graphics for this upcoming game look AWESOME, there are still some issues my end to fix the column locations seem to be out so I will have to fix that too then its off to getting all the extras in there :).

EDIT: After Emm wasnt happy with the results I went back to the drawing board and tweaked even further, its good Emm does this sort of thing as it pushes me to do better and better :). On the whole if the game isnt perfect then we cant expect anyone else to be happy with it, what with Emm pushing me to do better and making the whole game more efficient and polished its making the entire game much more playable and great to see running on a simple iPod 2nd gen (seeing as the iPod is a simple Samsung ARM 533Mhz processor seeing the game running is amazing :) ).

More soon...

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