Saturday, 13 November 2010

Main menu, nearing completion :)

Well I have now been fleshing out the main menu, the new bits ive added are simply the high score table and the options screen. Now that its all out of the way I can move towards completing other sections of the game to make it even more complete.

On the whole the game is coming together perfectly Emm's graphics are AMAZING and I cant express how good they look in the game when playing it, playing the game its loverly to see the whole thing together finally and once the other sections are added and the rest of the game is fleshed out then it will be ready for release. There is still loads to add but its getting closer.

EDIT: I have now also create the Loader system for the game engine this basically means that no matter what our game is, we can just import these into it and its away :). I have also added a EdzUp Code group to the game engine, these are all the little snippets that I have coded over the twenty nine years I have been coding (yeah its been that long, since ZX81 days) this makes it easier and converting to C++ is a challenge but a welcome one :). I am also making the entire system portable so its not game specific code for example the options system has a open function, a read/write function and a close function so no matter what data is in there the system will access it and go from there.

More soon...

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