Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fixing even more errors....

Well over the past few days I have been fixing even more errors, the new system is now even more robust. Things that have come under the bug squasher is weather jumping with the character this one was an oversight on my part and has now been rectified :).

I have also stopped the player jumping off the top of the game arena so this has been halted, there are some other things that have been fixed but these are behind the scenes that the player would never see :).

On another note when testing games its a good idea to have a complete idea on how to complete a level, for instance if you need to do some tasks then make it completable when they have been done. People testing the game should have an idea that these are the things that are 'required' of them to complete the level (like the initial level stuff aye Emm, im glad the 'portal' is working as it should 'now' ;) LOL). When everyone is reading from the same page it will not throw up 'unknown' bugs that could never be fixed due to there not being an error in the first place.

EDIT: Well thats another one fixed now there is only a 0.1% chance of a extra life bonus being placed on the level, this will make the game more difficult and make it more tense and exciting rather than 'oh theres another one that makes the game a little too easy' :).

More soon......

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