Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Art of Dying

It is interesting to see how a persistent feature like "collecting hearts, coins, bananas and puzzle pieces" actually can imply that the player can sacrifice a "life" to get more bonus symbols. This way, dying in "Donkey Kong Country Returns" can indeed be rewarded like any other gameplay challenge, and can be considered a game design success !

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Ed: Well I have now created the logo for the title sequence and its onto the title 'demo' now once complete the whole game will play a game in the background :). When all that is completed I can then move onto completing the rest of the shop ( I already have a shopkeeper designed and some of the graphics for the purchases :) ).

In the entire game you will be able to purchase items to 'upgrade' your character to 'hopefully' let you get further on in the game. We have great plans for this game and I hope you will like the end result Emm has some great ideas for sections of the game to make it more like the games we both used to play in our youth on computers that both give us fond memories of times long gone when games had character and werent just cash cows for big faceless corporations.

More soon...

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