Tuesday, 28 December 2010

One step closer to multi-platform madness...

Well I have now coded a system where the entire initialiser is catered for across the board so writing apps and games for OSX, Linux and Win32 will be the same across the board there will still be some small tweaks to get apps working on iPhone/iPod/iPad as that uses ObjC for compatibility and not raw C++.

The bonus here will basically mean we will soon be able to get something on ALL platforms and not just cater for the iOS platform, some of the games and apps that me and Emm have in the pipeline will require something much bigger than what the iOS can give so this is a good reason to move to the other platforms as well. I do intend to make the entire engine scalable so you could run a game on iPod that has been coded for other platforms providing it doesnt exceed the limitations of the hardware side of the iOS platform (which are VERY strict to be honest).

More soon...

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