Saturday, 1 January 2011

Slowly making progress....

Well after the Xmas and New Year period let me be the first to say:


Now to business, I have added the backing graphics to the title menu (still have to code the AI behind the scenes though that will play the game behind the main menu). I have also added the shopkeeper when you click on the shop so now it actually does something I still have to add the items to the shop so we can do things there this will be completed soon and once in there I can concentrate on getting JJ moving through the level do we can demonstrate what we should do.

On another note Tombstone is getting nearer cross platform completion its rendering on OSX ok now (still have texture issues which I will look at XCode to see whats happening) and im getting the Win32 version there. On the whole the entire one code base compiles on all is coming along nicely and im quite happy with it to say the least :)

More soon...

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