Friday, 17 December 2010

OSX getting better...

Well I have now added the ENet and libPNG systems to the OSX version of the Tombstone engine, once I have completely added these code systems to the whole engine for things like png loading etc I can then move onto everything else.

ENet is a cross platform networking system so we can make the whole multiplayer games etc, I will also be doing the texture system soon once complete the engine will be nearer to the iPhone version of the Tombstone engine. After all that is done when I add something to the iPhone version it will be tested on the OSX version as well.

When then Win32 version and Linux versions are completed then I will update those as well, once all the whole thing is done I will be able to move forwards and we will be able to make the whole cross platform solution for our games.

XBox360 version of Tombstone will take a little longer as its more platform specific and its not OpenGL based so it will take a little longer to get it all working.

More soon...

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