Monday, 20 December 2010

Testing the Eclipse IDE

Well I have been looking at the eclipse IDE to see if it's a viable alternative as it's 100% cross platform and I have tested the Linux version and it works very well what I need to test now is the osx and win32 versions. Yes the Linux version is also underway now I have unpacked me Asus eeepc so that can run in tandem with win32, osx, and iPhone :)

More soon...

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  1. Eclipse works great on OSX and Windows. I used it a lot in the past on both platforms. The code completion of eclipse is fantastic. But Eclipse is also a big, phat and sometimes slow app. XCode is much faster (but OSX only).

    Latly I switched to VIM, which is available on all platforms and is fast like hell. You only should take a few days/weeks to configure and learn it. It has a steep learning curve - so it's very hard in the beginning, but once you get used to it you can do lot's of thinks much faster than on any other editor/ide (vim is no IDE, but there are lots of ide like plugins available).