Saturday, 4 December 2010

Setting the stage...

Well I have now added the stage section of the game engine this basically means that you have to get through all the stages to complete the game, there is a maximum of twenty stages for one mission and the money will reflect this when you check the notice for the mission out.

On the whole after fixing the last bug the game is looking mighty nice and once its all together we can release our first Tombstone Engine game, yes I am excited about this as the whole engine is my own code this basically means I know what everything does and if there is a bug I can fix it rather than waiting for company x to patch it so company y can send me the patch so I can compile it to get it out there.

Emm's graphics are going from strength to strength and the whole game style is looking very Amiga retro and its an amazing thing to see it in action.

Well I have now added the option to turn off the Tutorial level (for those that have already played it ;) ) this will mean the game will jump you into the game full on with no tutorials, its good if you play it once but I can see it becoming VERY annoying if every game you had to play it :)

More soon...

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