Thursday, 20 January 2011

Lightwave LWO getting complete...

Well now I have located all the chunks of the LWO files all the data is read from the data buffer now all I need to do is create the entity from the data once that is done the basics of LWO reading will be complete. After that is done Emm can send me over some more 'tricky' lwo models and then when they load in to the system as well and are displayed correctly we can tick that one off :).

LWS files will be much more tricky as its a scene file with all movements and rotations of the entire scene on lightwave loading this into Tombstone will be a real challenge. I also still want to add Blitz3d files into Tombstone and I have the data there so all I need to do is read that in.

I have Loads of ideas on the Graveyard Dogs Image format (GDI) the compression system for the image data will be another nice challenge that I love to look into I dont want to go zlib as I want the code to be 100% portable to ALL platforms that C++ supports.

More soon...

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